Weekly Photo Challenge: A lane lost in time


Shot in Venice, Italy, on 27 Feb. 2014

Many years after, an old couple traveled back to Venice for the same reason. Carnival. 
This time they didn’t make a plan in advance neither asked for a map, because they were well aware that it would only be in vain. What’s more, there are always road signs which lead people to several main place. So they just wandered through the lanes, up and down, randomly.  Sometimes the old lady walked in front of the old man, sometimes they were side by side, nonetheless he always held her hand, even when they were split on the question of direction. 
 “Left.” the old man said.
 “No, turn right.” the old lady responded.
 “My intuition says we should go left. ” the old man insisted and was about to head left.
 ” Well, the road sign says we should go right” she said in a sarcastic tone, as usual.
 The old man raised his head and paused for a second.
 “Didn’t I just say go right? ” he acted like nothing happened as usual, turned right and kept walking, but still held softly old lady’s hand, despite awkwardness.

Woman : You were in my dream last night, you know.

Man : Really, how did I look there ?

Woman : Um…You’re quite old. Both of us are. Your face is seamed with wrinkles and  hair is all white, like vanilla gelato.

Man : But how could you be sure that I am the old man ?

Woman : Because he’s pretty stubborn and has a horrible sense of direction. Don’t you feel like deja vu?

Man : Come on, he just follows the intuition !

Woman : Well that’s what he said to me, dear.




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